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Consulting Services


  • Reconnaissance and feasibility studies for mining, dams, reservoirs and weirs

  • Application for rights to the DMR

  • Commodity exploration (brown and green fields) and exploitation

  • Siting and logging boreholes (Soil profiling, core and chip logging)

  • Underground, in-pit and surface geological and geotechnical mapping

  • Ore grade monitoring and control

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Ore-body modelling and facies interpretation

  • Ore reserve classification and estimation

  • Short and long term mine production planning

  • Mining methods and mine support designs

  • Geotechnical investigations for property (residential and commercial), roads, power stations, pipelines, townships, etc.

  • Quality assessment

  • Geohydrology

  • Training and supervision

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual report compilation.

  • Investigations for construction materials

  • Geophysical data analysis

  • Dam safety inspections and geological studies

  • Dolomite stability investigations

  • Engineering geological studies for housing, roads, waste disposal, graveyards, commercial etc.

Dynamic Proping - Super Heavy

Dynamic Proping - Super Heavy

DPSH Testing

Intern Geologist: Nosiviwe

Intern Geologist: Nosiviwe

Preparing Chip Samples for Logging at Thoka's laboratory

Chip Samples

Chip Samples

Layout of Chip Samples During Drilling

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