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Our Background

Thoka Geosciences is a well established company offering a range of services in the fields of engineering geology, rock engineering, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, geological studies, land surveying, mineral exploration and exploitation (mining). Thoka Geosciences cc was founded in the year 2006 and registered in the year 2007. It deals with all aspects of engineering, land surveying and geology as stated above. It is a close corporation whose roots initially rooted in conducting geotechnical investigations. Through consultation with fellow entrepreneurs in the built environment and mining, the company has seen growth to become a multi-discipline service provider. The company offers professional expertise and experience in the engineering, quantity surveying and geological fields and is deeply committed to sustainable development in South Africa and Africa as a whole. The close corporation is employee owned and managed. Thoka Geosciences cc’s shortened name version is ThokaGeo.


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