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Thoka Geosciences Drilling Division 


Thoka Geosciences drilling division is managed by geologist. We understand the purpose for all your drilling requirements in the field of Geotechnical Investigations, Dolomite Stability Investigations, Water Borehole Drilling and Exploration Drilling.

We maintain competitive pricing structured according to the clients needs.

We are not just drilling contractors, drilling managed by geologist ensures unprecedented quality of samples retrieved and compliance with all requirements for Dolomite Stability Investigations, Exploration, Geotechnical Drilling and Water Borehole Drilling. Thoka Geosciences is ISO 14001 accredited thus, drilling by Thoka Geosciences ensures compliance with all environmental requirements. We offer a combination of these skills set with well experienced drillers.

Thoka Geosciences drilling rigs are equipped with a 21 bar air pressure, 0.519 m3/sec capacity compressor mounted on a Power Star Truck. We offer Reverse Circulation Drilling and Normal Percussion Drilling. Thoka Geosciences implements quality management system in line with ISO 9001 and Occupational Health and Safety Management systems in line with ISO 18001. The company strives on providing continuous quality drilling services while maintaining the health and safety checks of the industry.

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